VisitDesk’s business set up provides you with the following options:

To learn more about how to add a new user, branch, desk or device click on the particular option.

To Customise any of your Business Settings in Visitdesk just go to

You can do the following Changes under business setup.

  1. You can Update your Business Name
  2. You can add your Website Address.
  3. You can add the Timezone of your company.
  4. You can add the Address of your Company.
  5. You can add the Logo of your company. This Logo is used in all your email headers to your Visitors.

Business Setup

  • To start with business setup, click on the menu (navigation pane)->settings
  • Click on Business settings->configuration.
  • Complete your business details such as business name, website
  • address, Time zone, business logo etc. and upload the data.
  • Click on SAVE CHANGES

User settings

  • It allows the admin to register/remove new users. To do so, click on menu->settings->business setting->Users
  • To add new user click on ‘Add user’ and enter the username, branch, role, mail id, contact no. etc.
  • Hence a new user is registered.
  • You can edit or remove a user by using the respective option
  • available under ‘operation’.


  • The ‘ Role’ field allows you to select the role for the particular user. The roles cane be either Host, Manager or Staff. Each role has certain permissions associated with it.
  • If the role of the user is host then you may select the primary and secondary branches associated with him.
  • In case the user role is Manager or Staff, you may either enable of disable the host module.
  • The manager is also given the permission to add people, desk, generate reports etc
  • The staff however does not have the access to settings.
  • When updating or adding employees, Visitdesk matches the primary email address listed for the user. If the primary email address is not found, a new employee will be added to the user directory.

Branch settings

The branch option allows you to create your office locations and check points. Here you can add the address of various branches of your organization

  • To do so, click on the Navigation pane(menu)
  • Go to settings->Business settings->Branches
  • Click on Add Branch
  • You can fill in the details such as Branch code, Branch name, Address, location etc and submit.
  • Hence a new branch is created.
  • You can edit/remove a branch by selecting the respective option available under ‘operation’.


Note that the location entered here will be automatically used while sending invites

Desk settings

The Desks option allows you to add the different gates, point of
entries and reception desks of your organization.

  • To do this, Click on Navigation Pane.
  • Go to settings->Business settings->Desks
  • Click on +ADD DESK
  • Feed the branch name, and grant permission either for entry/exit or for both.
  • Thus a new reception is added to Visitdesk
  • You can edit/remove a desk by selecting the respective option available under ‘operation’.

Device settings

  • Go to the navigation pane
  • Click on Settings-> Other Settings-> Devices
  • Click on +ADD KIOSK
  • Feed the details such as Device ID, Branch , Desk, Welcome message, Exit message etc
  • Also manage Device permissions (entry/exit), Visitor Permissions(photo capture/agreement), Invited Visitor permissions, invited and recurring visitor permissions.
  • To know more about visitor permissions: click here
  • Click on ADD button
  • To edit or remove a device, select the appropriate option under ‘operation’ column.

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