When the visitor has fulfilled his purpose of visit and is ready to leave your premises, he can simply check-out of the workplace by simply clicking on the check-out button that will automatically record their check-out time and simultaneously sends a notification to the host .

Visitdesk provides features multiple options for check out. A visitor may check out manually or the host may schedule an automated check out at a specified time bound.

How to Manually check out a visitor?

Via dashboard icon:

  • Click on the  Checkout option on the homepage
  • Enter your visitor id
  • Click on search button
  • The details of the particular visitor is filtered and displayed.
  • Select the appropriate desk from the drop down menu,
  • Once you select check out, you will be checked out and it will be notified to the host promptly.

By scrolling the visitor list:

  • Log in to Navigation pane->visitors
  • Scroll through the list of visitors and spot the name of visitor to be checked out
  • Adjacent to the particular visitor, u would find the check out option.
  • Click check out
  • Choose the relevant exit desk and feed your exit time
  • Click on check out button.
  • The visitor will be checked out and the time is recorded as entered.

How to automatically check out a visitor?

  • To enable auto check out of visitors, go to Navigation Pane->Settings->Visitor Setup
  • Enable the toggle option for Auto check-out visitors
  • Set the time at which all the visitors must check out of the premises
  • You have options to auto check out the visitors- At a particular time or After a particular time
  • Select the appropriate option from the drop down menu
  • Click on save changes

Now, every time a visitor checks in, he/she will be automatically checked out after the pre-fed time.

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