• Go to the navigation pane
  • Click on Settings-> Other Settings-> Devices
  • A list of available devices will be shown
  • Click on the edit icon next to the relevant device that you want to select
  • You may edit the details such as Device ID, Branch , Desk, Welcome message, Exit message etc if necessary
  • You can also manage Device permissions (Allow exit/Allow otp)
  • The ‘reset passcode‘ option can be clicked, if u want to change your current device passcode. Note that, this passcode is the one that has to be entered by the visitor while checking out.
  • You can configure your Visitor Permissions(photo capture/agreement), Invited Visitor permissions, invited and recurring visitor permissions.

Visitor Entry permissions:

Visitdesk allows you to customize your Visitor permissions easily. This enables you to configure different modes of check-in for different types of Visitors – New, Invited and Recurring. For instance, the you may want to capture the image of a new visitor, but not for a recurring visitor. You can enable these permissions with the help of Visitdesk’s Device Configuration.

Various options to configure visitor permissions:

Visitdesk offers permissions to enable or disable the following:

  • Allow photocapture : Prompts the visitor to take a snap during check in process
  • Auto auto capture: Automatically captures the photo of a visitor who is trying to check in
  • Agreement signing: Selecting this option would insist the visitors to sign an agreement such as the company’s NDA
  • OTP verification: Allows only otp verified visitors to check in

Furthermore, the above set of choices could be made individually for new/recurring/invited visitors


Note that on disabling ‘Allow otp’ checkbox the option for Recurring visitors gets automatically deactivated. This is because ‘recurring visitors’ exclusively relies on otp for retrieving the saved data of the visitors.

  • You may also change or remove your company’s logo
  • After making all the required changes, click on save changes.
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