Visitdesk allows you to create print templates. You may now customize templates for the tokens/badge that your visitors or service providers will receive when they sign in to your premises. By default, a list of available templates is given. You can create custom templates based on your requirements.

Steps to create print templates

  • A list of the available templates is displayed
  • To create a new template click on Add Template button
  • Enter the name and feed the template code
  • If you want to select it as the default template, turn on default option
  • Click on ADD.
  • Hence a new template is added
  • To edit an existing template, click on the edit icon under operations, and edit the code
  • Click update to save changes
  • To change the default template, click the edit option for the template you want to make as default, and turn on the default option. Click update.
  • To remove a template, select the delete icon under operations.

Default Template options:

A few built-in template options include:

  • Default
  • Small Portrait
  • Large Landscape
  • Large Portrait.


The first template you see is a default template, all details on the badge pass can be turned on and off using the toggles on the right side

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