Visitdesk’s delivery management allows you to manage and organize your packages for easy pickup. As Visitdesk continuously monitors your parcels, lost packages become an issue of the past.

How does Delivery management work?

When you receive a personal delivery, the receptionist will make this entry in the ‘Delivery’ forum. You may also attach Important notes to be conveyed along with the entry. Hence, Visitdesk will notify the host on receiving the parcel

How will you create an entry in Delivery panel?

To add a Delivery,        

  • Go to Navigation Pane->Deliveries
  • Select +ADD DELIVERY
  • Enter the branch, desk, host and additional notes if any
  • Select the (received) checkbox on receiving the delivery.
  • Click on Add
  • Hence it creates a new entry under delivery and drops a notification to the respective Host regarding the same.
  • If you have more deliveries , repeat the process.

Delivery notifications

Based on the notification preferences selected by the host, a respective notification will be sent. You may either enable sms or email notification as per your convenience. For tasks such as food deliveries or home deliveries, visitdesk’s delivery can help in tracking the delivery until they reach the location. This helps in eliminating the concerns about the loss of deliverable items.

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