Visitdesk gives the user with ‘Host’ role, additional features like assigning primary and secondary branches. This has been enabled, keeping in mind, the need for a host to access more than a single branch.


  • Go to Navigation pane->Settings->Business settings->Users
  • Select the user/the ‘Host’ to whom you want to assign multiple branches
  • Click on the edit icon (under operations) pertaining to the particular user
  • The user dialog box opens up
  • Now you can find a field ‘primary branch‘, where you can select the main branch of the Host.
  • Secondary branches‘ field remains optional. (You have the liberty to enter the secondary branches if needed; or to leave it as it is.)
  • Now select all the sub-branches for the particular Host
  • Click on UPDATE button
  • Hence multiple branches are assigned to the host


In order to assign multiple branches, you’ll have to ensure that the branches are already defined under the branch section. To know how to add a branch visit here

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