In this technical era of automation, people wish to do things all by themselves. We no longer have time for the formalities and procedures of traditional check in. This is the reason we have come up with smart desk management systems that enable you to automatically check in, on getting approved via the application.

Digital Check-in

How does Visitdesk’s ‘Check-in’ work?

 When a visitor enters the workplace, they are immediately classified based on the category of visitor they are. They then move to a self check-in kiosk where they feed their data in a digital form. The host is notified of their entry and is immediately summoned to escort them to their meeting room.

Visitdesk offers different ways to check-in for different visitors. Your employees and guests may either check in with credentials or self check in by scanning QR code. Apart from this, separate options are also made available for recurring and invited visitors.

How to check in a new visitor?

You may use this option when a new visitor checks inside your company. On entering into the organization, the visitor has to feed all his credentials into the respective fields. Therefore, this allows the app to keep the visitor database updated on a daily basis.

  • Open the Visitdesk app or login to here
  • Select the NEW VISITOR option
  • Enter your name, mail id, contact number, host and purpose
  • Click on the > next button
  • Allow Visitdesk to access your device camera.
  • Now take a self picture of yourself. You can use the retake option to take another clip
  • Once done, you’ll be granted a visitor id and will be allowed to check in.
  • Visitdesk transmits the details of entry to the host.

How to check-in a Recurring visitor?

In case of a repeated visitor, he/she need not fill the entire details again. Instead, they have to select the ‘Recurring Visitor’ option and log in with the pre validated data. You may fetch the data on validating the otp.

  • Open the Visitdesk app or login to here
  • To do so, click on the Check-in button on top of the page
  • Select ‘Recurring visitor’ option
  • Enter branch, mail id, mobile number etc. and request for an otp.
  • This makes Visitdesk to check and validate the identities of the visitor based on the collected database.
  • After validation, the kiosk will allow the visitor to check-in.

How to check in using QR Code?

This is one of the coolest and fastest way where your visitors can self check in themselves.

  • Open the Visitdesk app or login to here
  • On top of the dashboard, we have an option called check-in QR, click it.
  • On the self check-in dialog box, select the appropriate branch and reception.
  • Click GENERATE QR button.
  • Scanning this QR is sufficient to check in to the organization.

How to check-in an invited visitor?

Moreover, Visitdesk provides feature to invite your guest. Now, when an invited guest enters the organization, how will you record his entry? An invited visitor has to adopt the following steps to enter your workplace

  • Open the Visitdesk app or login to here
  • Select the ‘Invited’ option.
  • Enter the otp sent to you along with the invitation mail or scan the QR code that has been attached with the invitation mail
  • Click on >next button
  • It will invite you with a welcome message
  • Enter your name, mail id, contact number, host and purpose
  • Click on the > next button
  • Take a self snap for authentication purpose
  • Click next
  • You will be greeted along with the display of your unique visitor ID

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