One time password is an easy and reliable source to ensure security. OTP messages are unique to every single visitor every time they log-in through a digital device.

In order to disable OTP verification, Log into Visitdesk host account.

Go to navigation pane->settings->devices

Select the device for which you want to disable otp verification

Select the edit option under operations

You may deselect the Allow otp check box, under Device permissions if you want to disable otp verification for that particular device.

Under the section- Visitor Permissions, you will find checkbox named ‘Require OTP verification’ where you can disable the otp for new and invited visitors.

However, this option is not valid in case of Recurring Visitors. This is because Recurring Visitor option needs otp for retrieving the saved details of the individual.

After making the necessary changes, Click on Update button

This will disable the need for an otp during visitor check in. Thereby, the visitors can enter without verifying the one time password.

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