Your employees can use visitdesk pad to mutually experience a reliable workplace. Down below, we have explained how your employees can easily login to Visitdesk by following the simple quick steps as listed.

Visitdesk pad is an application that has to be equipped at the entry point of your workplace for supporting visitors’ check-in.

To download the app from Google Play store click here.

Once you register on Visitdesk through website, a mail with the login credentials for Visitdesk pad and Visitdesk Host will be sent to your registered mail id.

However, Visitdesk provides multiple login options for its users.

  1. Manual login with credentials
  2. Login using QR Code
  3. Logout

To know the visitor permissions: click here

To learn how to configure device settings: Refer the device settings section under Business settings

How to login to visitdesk manually?

  • To log in to Visitdesk pad, enter your login credentials (which you received via mail) – business code, device code and device pass-code.
  • Click on Login
  • It will automatically direct you to the main page.
  • In case you haven’t registered earlier, you’ll have to sign in to create your account.

How to login using QR code?

Login with ease by scanning your QR

Visitdesk’s new feature allows you to login without having to enter a series of credentials including business code username and device passcode. Therefore, you can directly log in using the QR code. To do so,

  • Open the Visitdesk pad application to login with QR code.
  • Select the option ‘Login with QR code’
  • Visit on your system to get the device QR code
  • Now, scan the generated QR code from your device
  • Hence You will be automatically logged into Visitdesk pad.

Visitor permissions:

The employees in your directory can create their own login and directly sign up for the Visitdesk Mobile app.

Your visitors will have permission to access the following:

  • View their visits
  • Accept or reject the received invitations
  • View their directory
  • Change their personal preferences and data

However, visitdesk visitors will not have access to:

  • Host settings
  • Other visitors’ data and dashboard

How to logout from Visitdesk Pad?

  • Click on the log out button on the bottom left corner of the page.
  • Enter the device passcode
  • Click on Logout button

You’ll be logged out from the Visitdesk Pad application

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