INVITE A GUEST!  Sounds cool….right? Yes, Visitdesk allows you to invite visitors too..

How to send invites?

Via Visitdesk host app:

  • To invite a guest,  click on the Invite button on the top of the page
  • It displays a list of all the present and past invites .
  • Click on + icon to send a new invite
  • Enter the details such as Name, Mobile number, mail id, purpose, Designation, Organization, activation period etc.
  • Click on SEND INVITE
  •  Thus an auto invitation with an invite id and a unique QR code will be sent to the guest. The invitee has to show the QR code at the time of entry. After scanning the code, the invitee can check into your workplace.

Via website:

  • Go to Navitgation Pane->Invite->Invite Visitor
  • Enter the details such as Name,Branch, mobile, mail id, Purpose, Host and activation period.
  • Click on Invite Visitor button.
  • An invitation mail would be sent immediately to the invitee.

How to send bulk invites?

Visitdesk allows you to send bulk invites to a number of visitors at once. To do so,

  • Go to Navigation pane->Invite->Bulk invite
  • Enter the Branch, Activation period, purpose and host.
  • Upload invite files with details such as Name, Country code, mobile and mail id.
  • Visitdesk automatically fetches the data of invitee from the uploaded file and displays a preview of the data in the file
  • Finally, Click on the button-INVITE VISITORS.

Thus it automatically mails an electronic invitation to the respective visitors.


The file containing the list of invitee must be in .xlsx format

The uploaded excel file must contain the details as shown:

How to check in an invited visitor?

Via Visitdesk Host app:

  • Click on the Check-in button on top of the page
  • Select ‘Invited visitor’ option
  • For an invited visitor, it is sufficient to just enter the invite id in order to fetch the details.
  • Thus, the invitee will be instantly allowed to checked in.

How to check invitee list?

  • To view the list of invitees,
  • Click on Navigation pane->Invite-> View Invites
  • Thus it displays the details such as token number, Name, Phone number, mail id, branch, status, Expiry date etc of various invitees.
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