Visitdesk helps us to organize visitors based on their purpose/reason for visit. The purpose of visit by default is categorized as Official, Personal, Interview, Sales, Marketing and others. We also provide options for you to customize your purpose of visit.

The Purpose of Visit feature allows users to create customized sign-in based on the purpose of visit. You may have different policies for different types of visitors. For instance, you may have to verify facial identity for professional visitors but not your family members. All these can be customized when you view the visitors based on their purpose to visit your campus.

How to add purpose of visit?

To add a new purpose of visit,

Creating Purpose of visit allows you to select a suitable option while adding a new visitor or while inviting a guest.

How to remove purpose of visit?

To remove purpose of visit,

Deactivating purpose of visit

To deactivate,

Benefits of setting ‘Purpose Of Visit’

  • Improves flexibility to customize sign in.
  • Ensures that visitors submit proper information/valid reasons based on their purpose of visit.
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