Visitdesk offers features to generate real-time updated reports. These reports can either be automatically generated or customized and downloaded when needed.

It helps to keeps track of activities such as end of month, Safety hours reporting, contractor invoicing reports etc. The host shall configure the settings to receive daily reports with the activities from the past 24 hours. He shall also receive weekly and monthly reports on the various visitors who have visited the workplace in the given period

How to generate reports?

  • To generate a report, click on Navigation pane->Visitors
  • From the list of visitors, choose the respective one for which you want to generate report by selecting the check box
  • Click on the Export drop down menu
  • Choose the format of report(xls or pdf)
  • Select your range of export and click the EXPORT XLS or EXPORT PDF button
  • The report will be thus generated and stored under the Reports section

How to download generated reports?

  • To download a report, follow the steps:
  • Click on Navigation pane->Reports.
  • Thus it displays the profiles of various visitors.
  • Select the report you need from the list and click on Download Report button.
  • Finally, it will generate the report and u may download it successfully.

Report setup

  • Go to Navigation Pane->Other Settings->Reports
  • The report setup window opens
  • Enter the list of email ids to which the periodic report has to be sent.
  • Use the toggle option to select or deselect weekly, monthly and yearly report.
  • Click on Save Changes

Benefits of Generating reports

  • Regular monitoring of workplace security
  • Digitally records Visitor Valuables
  • Gives a Professional approach to Visitors and guests
  • Maintains Visitor Database for Future Use
  • Further, Enables real-time tracking of Visitor Movement
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