Tracking visitors in your campus is the prime priority for most organizations. Visitdesk offers a splendid feature called Watch-list which allows you to keep track of specific visitors. You may now ensure that your hosts are ready to impress on the arrival of a VIP or alert the security staff on the entry of suspicious character .

How does watchlist work?

How to add an entry in watchlist?

How to remove a visitor from watchlist?

How does watchlist work?

Once you feed the details of the expected person in watchlist, a constant eye is kept on the particular visitor. When a visitor with a similar match in records enters the workplace, an alert notification will be sent to the host or the security staff. The notification is sent either via an e-mail or an sms.

Visitdesk also allows you to seamlessly customize the watch-list to alert managers on targeted entrants. 

How to add a visitor to watch-list?

To add a visitor to watchlist,

  • Open the visitdesk app or login to here
  • Select Navigation->Settings->Check-in settings->Watch list
  • Click on +ADD RECORDĀ  button
  • Add the watchlist key words: Watch list alerts notifications based on the data you feed while adding the visitor to watchlist. You have to enter the name, email address, and contact number.
  • You may also use the toggle button to change the state from inactive to active or vice versa.
  • In addition, you may select whether alert has to be sent to (both email and sms) or (either e-mail or sms)
  • Finally, Click on ADD.

This creates a new entry to the watch-list


  • When you enter the name while creating an entry in watchlist, ensure that the same name is entered by the visitor on entry. To support this, it is always advisable to use the full name of visitors at every instance.
  • Text entries will be treated as visitor names.
  • Lines with an @ are considered as email address
  • Lines with all numbers will be treated as a contact number.

How to remove a visitor from watch-list?

To remove a visitor from watchlist,

If someone mentioned in watchlist attempts to visit, Visitdesk will not grant them entry until an administrator approves the visit. Furthermore a notification is sent to the host.

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